The curious objects in this project include the collection of Sarisozen family.

I call these objects "dramatic" because as a product designer , I put meanings into objects and then they have a dramatic, important position in my life.

These are the objects which I grow up with.
Agfa Isolette
Manufactured between 1951-1954
Kodak Cocarette Contessa Nettel Zeiss Ikon 1920s
Coldspot Aluminium Ice Cube Tray, USA
From top to bottom
stapler HD 10
PUNCAR 64 RO.MA Brevettata made in Italy
Presto paper punch Metal SPEC. MFG.CO. Chicago U.S.A., folding magnifier/unknown
Original Bézard compass and leather case 1930s
LM Ericsson 1950's

LM Ericsson Ericofon 1960's
LM Ericsson 

Cicerone Agenda Automatica PALMA DE MALLORCA 
SPARKLETS LIMITED Soda Syphon 1960's
From left to right

dahle 322 Germany

Micron ROMA Made in Italy

Citizen 121F Desktop Electronic Calculator 1977

ARISTO Studio Nr. 868  HEINRICH C. ECKEL München 1964
Westinghouse Electric Fan 1950's

Philishave Tracer 1980's
Different types of ice-cream spoons
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