iContact  Communication and Service Kiosk
Innovations, especially mind blowing enhancement in information and communication technology, helps people to access health, financial and public services even from remote areas. iContact.io, the communication and service kiosk, provides life like 3D communication with a real customer representative and helps you to reach information easily on public areas like shopping centers, airports, government offices and hospitals. This communication and service kiosk, provides 3D vision of a real person which you can communicate with direct eye contact, a touch screen to perform and select your requests, a printer for document output and 
a group of cameras for duplex scanning. 
The lean, holistic and functional case design provides an appealing image to the user and environment. Still the needed structure allows the realization of all planned functions. There are various different models with a common design style in the product line.
Customers can push the button, which is on the front panel, in order to be able to start the live conversation with the service employee within a few seconds and get the needed information, assistance or sales service. With iContact's high resolution and display depth technology, customers will have the sense of talking from behind of a counter. Unlike a normal video conversation, customers and employees won't need to look directly into the camera. Just by looking at the display the feeling of an artificial conversation will be eliminated.
At public places where privacy can be an issue, iContact's ultrasonic audio technology transmits the sound just to the customer which can't be heard by other people around. At the same time, the service employee won't be effected by the noise around the customer. Instead, he will receive a clear and comprehensible sound, as directed microphone systems are integrated in iContact.
Therefore customer's voices are being transferred to the call centers sharper and without any noise.
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